Sunday, April 26, 2009

Keep Austin Weird! Your NEW Austin Wedding Photographer

A while back my loving wife took part in a national experience known as "match day". Across the country, every 4th year medical student drinks a lot and then reads the result of their residency match on stage in front of their peers, leaving a dollar in a jar for the poor soul that has to wait till the end and gets called last. Well, to our extreme pleasure, Susie was accepted to her first choice program in Austin. Congrats to you, dear, or should it be dear Dr. now?

So you know what that means, right? Uh, huh. I am soon to be Austin Wedding Photographer. What else changes? Starting May 1st, new packages and prices will be in place. This should follow shortly with some new galleries, and lots of me mentioning that I am now an Austin Wedding Photographer, you know, shooting Austin weddings and such because the more I can mention Austin Wedding Photography, the better. So if your not into reading senseless, link filled, keyword loaded, about me paragraphs, skip the next one. :)

Eric Kotara, Austin Wedding Photographer, is an Austin based photographer specializing in contemporary photojournalistic wedding coverage that preserves the story of your day with style, elegance, and contemporary flair. He is ready to serve your wedding and event needs in the Austin and surrounding areas. Did we mention that Eric is an Austin Wedding Photographer, shooting Austin weddings, go figure. Eric Kotara loves wedding photography and wants to capture your wedding day.


Anonymous said...

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mark lawrence said...

Good, I came across this post at the right time! I am in desperate need of photographer and videographer for my sister’s wedding anniversary. We are celebrating their ten years of togetherness in one of the Los Angeles wedding venues.