Monday, May 11, 2009

The best camera straps in the world

I can't remember how I found these people, but boy am I glad I did. I have been wanting new camera straps since I switched over to digital, and here's why.

It used to be Canon would provide you with a comfortable strap that was supple and soft, wouldn't get in your way or make you fumble about untwisting it. It was a bright super advertisement of your brand, which was somewhat lame... well, ok, really lame. The strap was soft enough you could overlook the lame ad factor, though, so it was a keeper.

Then digital came along and that strap changed. What is it now? Well, it's a piece-o-junk. Not only is it brighter, with your cameras type emblazoned across it with marketing flair, but it is stiff as a board. The edges are rough and uncomfortable. It gets all tangled up in itself. Can I complain about it more? Yes, but I won't other than to say it has delved into the depths of lameness.

What to do. Most after market straps have a quick release. This, in my opinion, is a big no no for international travel. Not to mention you have to trust the thing with your gear's life. Umm, nuh uh.

I really wanted something that could show some style too.

Then I found Souldier. This little outfit really has it together. They offer re-purposed seat-belt fabric camera and instrument straps with all sorts of fabric overlays to really tie it all together. Of course, I went with the more "mod" patterns for my two camera straps, though lots of vintage and traditional patterns were available. The straps have metal bracketing with no quick release mumbo jumbo. It's a solid strap you'd be hard pressed to remove from my person.


They are perfect in every way. Stylish. Strong. Durable. SOFT, I mean REALLY soft. They flop around like a strap should, and the edges don't remove skin from your neck. No kinks to get in your way and make you fiddle around foolishly when you could be taking pictures.


All in all I am sold. These guys will have my business from now on. I like them so much that I'd like them to have your business too. One more link in case you missed the first one: Souldier Straps


YoYo Phaup said...

Not only are they cool, they found a really neat green-use for old seat belts.


YoYo Phaup said...

And they make dog collars!

I'm a fan

Eric said...

I guess you are going to have to get something nice for Clyde then, huh?

Tracy said...

Did you get the padding? If not do you wish you did?

Eric said...

I didn't get the padding Tracy, and don't really wish I did. But in all honesty that is a personal choice. If you think your current strap is uncomfortable without padding, get some padding for your new one. I don't have that problem so didn't bother with it. Now ask me in 10 years and I may have a different answer.

One thing I did do though was purchase one strap "fatter" than the other. I think it was 2 inches wide. This does help make it more comfortable, so you might look into that.

Ryan said...
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Steven said...

These guys do a great job of helping seniors with digital cameras:

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